Get increased control of your house with home automation in Shreveport

Have your house be more energy-efficient and responsive when you access the power of a smart home. When you have a Shreveport Vivint home automation system, you can have the system arm your alarms and turn off the lights when you leave the driveway. Open up the garage door and turn on the lights when you pull into the driveway. Chat with visitors on your porch with your doorbell camera even if you’re away. With a Vivint system, you have complete control of your home and smart devices whether you're home or away.

Your smart home starts with these home automation components

Your Vivint specialist will help you customize your system for your home. You can choose to include home automation devices, such as smart thermostat and smart appliances, that make your house more energy efficient. Then start using items that increase your safety, like CO detectors and flood detectors. Finally, get security system components, like motion sensors or an outdoor camera.

You can control every product in your smart home with your easy-to-use command center. Create schedules or develop personalized zones that keep the temperature and lighting just right. Or download the Vivint App on your phone to access your home automation system on the go. With Vivint’s home automation devices, you're able to:

Shreveport smart locks

See if the door is locked or not

With smart locks, you can remotely unlock or lock your doors. Receive notifications on your smartphone when your kids arrive home from school. Assign visitors or contractors a one-use key code through the Vivint App. Check if any doors are unlocked at night without leaving your bedroom.

Shreveport smart thermostat

Keep your home’s temperature at the perfect level with a smart thermostat.

Set up your heating and cooling system run more efficiently when you’re sleeping or traveling. Remotely adjust the temperature to be at the perfect temperature when you walk in the door from work.

Shreveport garage door controller

Have the garage door open automatically when you are in the driveway.

Check if your garage door was left opened or get notifications if you accidentally left it up on your way to work. Open the garage when you're not home for big deliveries, so they don’t stay out on your doorstep. Then lower the door again to keep your delivery safe until someone is home.

Shreveport smart lights

Stop wasting energy by using smart lighting technology.

Design energy-saving lighting schedules that enhance your daily routine. Set lighting brightness to the perfect level to deal with TV glare or night-light needs. Set schedules through your mobile device to turn lights on, so it looks like you are at home.

Shreveport camera app

Manage your security cameras within the mobile Vivint App.

Your Vivint App lets you operate your security using the same home automation techniques. Receive phone alerts when your cameras sense unusual movement. Review high-definition feeds or store Smart Clips to review later. Or talk with guests with the 2-way talk functionality.

Shreveport motion sensor

Schedule your security alarms and sensors.

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